Wisdom Heart Healing provides holistic counseling and coaching services that integrate depth psychology, the expressive arts therapies, and spiritual inquiry to help individuals find a deeper connection with their inner wisdom and allow for the unfolding of an authentic and fulfilling experience of life. By cultivating mindfulness, understanding, and compassion, inner struggles can be untangled and released to allow for harmony and freedom of self-expression.

Sylvia Zofia Hartowicz, PhD, ATR-BC

Thank You for your interest in Wisdom Heart Healing!

I am a Spiritual Psychologist and Board Certified Art Therapist (ATCB 05-048) with over twenty years of experience providing therapeutic services that integrate creativity, spirituality, and psychology. The offerings shared on this website have grown out of my years of working as a healing profession and from my own journey of healing and transformation.

There was a time in my life when I felt trapped in a job that drained me and stuck in a relationship that was unfulfilling. I somehow found the courage to pack up my bags and leave everything behind, moving to San Francisco and enrolling myself in a PhD program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Over time I was able to discover with more and more clarity who I wanted to be and what gifts and offerings I have to share with the world. I also found alignment in my personal life, attracting a healthy and loving relationship and becoming a mom, a dream I had mostly given up on before my move to San Francisco.


This transformation required taking a deep dive into my psyche to uncover what was in the way of fulfilling my dreams so I could fully envision and create the life I longed for.

When I reflect back, I realize that my transformation actually started many years ago and the offerings in this private practice are a medley of various healing and transformative tools gathered over the years. I was drawn to the healing profession at an early age and received my Masters in Art Therapy in 2002, just a few years out of college. Since then I have worked with children and families, youth, and adults of all ages both in community settings and in private practice. As I learned tools for helping others, I also embraced the idea of the wounded healer and looked deeply into my own psyche to heal the wounds of the past and to discover an authentic expression of my wholeness.

In this journey of healing, I have explored both the stories of my childhood and the stories I inherited from my ancestors as a way to find more understanding and clarity about my personal challenges. With deep inquiry through art-making, spiritual practice, and nature connection, I have been able to shed layers of trauma and pain, bringing more clarity and ease to my life. I believe that without having consciousness about the wounds of the past, they have the potential to negatively impact our experience. In bringing awareness and understanding to the stories that bind us, we can become free of the past to allow for a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This journey has been long and arduous, and has taken many twists and turns. It lead me to participate in self-exploration by engaging in expressive arts therapy, different schools of psychological inquiry, personal development programs, inquiry into Eastern traditions and related meditation approaches, and shamanic journeying and ritual. In recent years I have focused on researching the importance of ancestral inquiry to allow for healing and transformation as part of my doctoral studies in East West Psychology. Along the way I have also learned to implement tools from positive psychology, transformational coaching, and the law of attraction to manifest the things in my life that I really want. Most recently, I have completed the training to become a SoulCollage® facilitator, a personal guidance practice I have been engaging with for over ten years.


I am ready to share the many powerful tools of self exploration and empowerment that I have learned.

I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery that will help you heal and transform the programming that has been limiting you, so that you can step into being your most glorious, authentic self. 


My counseling and coaching approach is eclectic and creative, informed by the training and experience I have with expressive arts therapy, as well as my education about integrating spirituality and psychology. I draw from a scholarly and experiential interest in depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, ecopsychology, Buddhist psychology, positive psychology, transformational coaching, intergenerational trauma and ancestral healing, spiritual traditions and ritual practices, and the power of creativity for healing. Offerings weave together mindfulness practice, guided meditation, the law of attraction, inquiry into archetypal and ancestral influences, expressive arts therapy, embodied and nature-based practices.

My Curriculum Vitae is available upon request as well as a list of completed workshops and trainings. If you're interested in my doctoral work on ancestral healing, you can find my dissertation here