Wisdom Heart Healing offers therapeutic services that engage the creative spirit and support personal growth and transformation. By exploring the deep psyche and cultivating compassion, you can release limiting stories and beliefs, and create new realities of freedom and joy for yourself, your community, and the world. 

About Sylvia Hartowicz


Sylvia is passionate about finding ways that spirituality, creativity, and psychology can be integrated for healing. With a background in art therapy and many years of working in community mental health, she is skilled at leading groups and conducting individual and family therapy. She has experience coaching individuals to fulfill on their personal goals in love and work, as well as to create community projects that make a difference. Currently she is completing her doctoral dissertation on the healing and transformation that happens when bringing the ancestral story to consciousness.


In her work with clients, Sylvia incorporates mindfulness, guided meditation, depth psychology, spiritually oriented counseling, the expressive arts therapies, and nature-based practices.


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    Dreamscape Exploration

    When we tend a dream, images come “awake,” imagination is animated, and we participate in life more fully rooted in the way of the dream. -Stephen Aizenstat Monthly Drop-in Group tending and exploring dreams through art and meditation. This group is currently on hold and will resume in the future. Individual dreamwork art therapy sessions available by appointment.

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