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Trust the Unfolding

For some women the journey to motherhood can be challenging and lonely. The sadness and disappointment of another month without a pregnancy can seem impossibly heavy and effect every area of life. I know, because I have been there. After many years of fertility challenges and several miscarriages, I was finally able to conceive naturally and went on to have two healthy pregnancies in my forties. The journey getting there was rich in lessons on trusting my intution and surrendering to the unknown. With my personal experience, and my training as a psychologist and spiritual life coach, I now support women on their journey as they find their way to becoming a mom.  


No matter how long it has been and how many hurdles have been placed in front of you, becoming a mother is possible! Find your alignment in mind, body, and spirit and listen to your inner guidance. As you take inspired action and trust the process, your dream can become a reality. 

It would be an honor to support you on your fertility journey. I am here to help you unblock what's in the way, find your flow, and take inspired and transformative steps to make your dream of motherhood come true.

Moon Rhythms:

Holistic Fertility Journey Support

Personalized 10 week Program focused on finding alignment 

and moving into inspired action to support your fertility journey


Become clear on your vision and find the true essence behind your desire. Uncover what blocks may be in the way of you being able to receive the blessing of having a child. Delve into personal story, ancestral legacy, and energetic blocks that may be hindering your ability to conceive.


Create vitality in all areas of your life- a healthy mind, body and spirit ready to receive. Commit to life style changes that will help you become more fertile and allow for the possibility of pregnancy. Find your way back to center and raise your vibration using tools such as meditation, appreciation, creativity, and connecting with nature. 

Inspired Action

Become aligned with inspired action that will bring you closer to your dream. Through various psycho-spiritual practices, you will reignite your dedication and feel moved to take the next steps on your fertility journey. Learn to listen to inner guidance as you embrace the journey and become the most fertile version of yourself.


Trust in the unfolding now and allow yourself to surrender to the process. Let go of your expectations and release the stress of trying to make something happen. Come back to alignment and inspired action again and again. 


10 individual fertility journey support sessions in nature or online. 

Regular check-ins via text and email as needed. 

Program Cost: $1500 

Inquire about setting up a payment plan. 


Currently accepting clients at a discounted rate in preparation for group program to be launched in 2024.

If you are called to the program but feel stopped for financial reasons, please connect to talk further. A scholarship fund is available. 

If you have the means to pay more than the program cost, consider contributing to the scholarship fund. 

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