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Wisdom Heart Healing provides life transition coaching services that integrate depth psychology, the expressive arts therapies, and spiritual inquiry to help individuals find a deeper connection with their inner wisdom and allow for the unfolding of an authentic and fulfilling experience of life. By cultivating mindfulness and living in alignment, the unhealthy belief patterns of the mind can be untangled and released to allow for harmony and freedom of self-expression.


I am an East West Psychologist, Spiritual Life Coach, and Board Certified Art Therapist (ATCB 05-048) with over twenty years of experience providing therapeutic and transformative services that integrate creativity, spirituality, and psychology. The offerings shared on this website have grown out of my years of working as a healing professional and from my own journey of healing and transformation.


My counseling and coaching approach is eclectic and creative, informed by the training and experience I have with expressive arts therapy, as well as my education about integrating spirituality and psychology. I draw from a scholarly and experiential interest in depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, ecopsychology, Buddhist psychology, positive psychology, transformational coaching, intergenerational trauma and ancestral healing, spiritual traditions and ritual practices, and the power of creativity. Offerings weave together mindfulness practice, guided meditation, the law of attraction, inquiry into archetypal and ancestral influences, ancestral lineage repair, expressive arts therapy, soul collage®, embodied and nature-based practices.

My Curriculum Vitae is available upon request as well as a list of completed workshops and trainings. If you're interested in my doctoral work on ancestral healing, you can find my dissertation here


Free 20 minute consultation to give us a chance to connect and to give you an opportunity to ask questions. We will spend some time clarifying goals and getting a sense of how I can best support you on your journey of healing.

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