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Awaken to the
Wisdom of Your Heart

Do you feel dissatisfied with a certain area of your life? Are you feeling stuck in your current situation but don't know where to start to create something different? Are you longing for a change but feel disconnected from what you really want? Did you once have a dream that you want to believe in again? 


Your intuitive wisdom knows what you need to do and how to reconnect with a vision of life that will bring you happiness and deep satisfaction. I am here to help you connect with the part of yourself that believes in your dreams, to unblock and release whatever may be in the way, and to empower you to step fully into an authentic life based on your soul's true calling. 


It would be an honor to support you on your journey of self-discovery.

Revitalize Your Dreams

Personalized 10 week Program focused on gaining clarity of vision and revitalizing your dreams.

The program has three main components- Visioning, Deepening, and Creating.


Become crystal clear on what it is you want to create in your life. With the support of personalized guided meditations, expressive arts therapy exploration, and embodied nature based practices you will be able to fully align with your inner wisdom and envision a life of purpose and fulfillment.


Unblock and remove stories that are in the way of you living the life you want. In exploring personal narratives and ancestral inheritance, you will identify beliefs that have been holding you back from living into your full potential.


Become aligned with purposeful action that will allow your vision to become your new reality. Through various psycho-spiritual practices, you will reignite your creativity and feel moved to take the next steps towards fulfilling your vision.


10 individual spiritual life coaching sessions in nature or online. 

Regular check-ins via text and email as needed. 

Personalized written guidance on favorite practices to use after the program ends to continue revitalizing your dreams and creating the life you want. 

Program Cost: $1500* 

* Inquire about setting up a payment plan. 

If you are called to the program but feel stopped for financial reasons, please connect to talk further. A scholarship fund is available. 

If you have the means to pay more than the program cost, consider contributing to the scholarship fund. 

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