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Portal to Parenthood

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Next Session Starts in Fall of 2024

Programming will meet three times a month for groups sessions and one time a month for individual. Read below for more information and book a call to find out if it's a good for you on your journey to parenthood.


Portal to Parenthood is a three month online group program for fully stepping into the journey of creating parenthood. If you know that being a parent is something that you want in your life but are finding yourself blocked in some way, this program is for you.


Combining the power of depth psychology, expressive arts therapies, ancestral healing, and manifestation technology, we will be working in the spiritual, psychological, and imaginal realms. You will find clarity for your vision of family, uncover generational patterns that need healing, find guidance and support from wisdom figures, and begin building a relationship with your future children. 

Program Outcomes Include:

  • Improving mind, body, and spirit alignment for fertility and conscious conception

  • Uncovering blocks and clearing limiting beliefs 

  • Addressing generational patterns and embracing ancestral gifts and blessings

  • Baby spirit connection to nurture relationship with your future children 

  • Aligning to a more feminine way of receiving and allowing

  • Stress reduction and emotional support in the ups and downs of the journey

  • Surrendering and finding peace with whatever is meant to happen

  • Uncovering fears and resistance around being a parent

  • Grieving the parts of yourself that you will let go of when you become a parent

  • Getting clear on what a co-parenting partnership looks like

  • Clarifying non-negotiables, desires, preferences, and needs for your co-parent relationship

  • Properly treating this experience as a rite of passage

  • Being held in a therapeutic group container during this major life transition

The program is open to both singles and couples, whether you are actively trying to get pregnant or planning for the future. It will support you if who are having fertility challenges or if your focus is on creating fertile ground for conscious conception. 


Each module will offer guided explorations and opportunities for reflection and therapeutic sharing around various topics key to this inner and outer journey.

Creative expression, guided meditation, prayer, and ritual will be interwoven throughout, and you will develop regular practices for alignment. There will be an opportunity to "show and tell” your work from each module with the group. 

Program Cost:


$1350 for 12 week program that includes both group and individual sessions. 

Inquire about scholarship opportunities or setting up a payment plan if cost is a concern

If you know that being a parent is something that you want in your life but are finding yourself blocked in some way, book a free clarity call to assess your readiness for parenthood and get clear on what next steps to take. 


You will find out more about the Portal to Parenthood program to see if it would be the best supportive space for the next steps on your journey.

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