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Awaken to the Wisdom of Your Heart

A life of joy, fulfillment, and purpose is waiting for you.


 Do you feel dissatisfied with a certain area of your life? Are you feeling stuck in your current situation but don't know where to start to create something different? Are you longing for a change but feel disconnected from what you really want?

Your intuitive heart knows what you need to do and how to reconnect with a vision of life that will bring you happiness and deep satisfaction.
I am here to help you connect with that part of yourself, unblock and release whatever may be in the way, and help you step fully into an authentic life based on your soul's true calling. 

It would be an honor to support you
on your journey of self-discovery.

Welcome! My name is Sylvia. I help individuals connect with their inner wisdom and intuition, and support them in getting clear on their dreams and creating the life they really want.

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