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Creative Visioning:

New Moon Intentions

Creative Visioning: New Moon Intentions is a monthly group connecting to the New Moon energy through meditation and art-making. 


The New Moon is a powerful time to set intention for the next lunar cycle. During this time the earth, the moon, and the sun are in perfect alignment and the darkness of the night is a canvas for all possibilities. Out of nothingness, everything and anything can be created. This is a time of magic and going inwards to find guidance and support for the next steps on the journey of life. 


This group meets monthly on the Thursday closest to the New Moon. During each session participants will be guided in a meditation to discover a powerful intention for the month. This intention will be captured in a collage/ mixed-media art piece that will then serve as a reminder and guide throughout the month. All materials will be provided. 


Upcoming Dates: 

July 20th

August 24th

Sept 21st


702b Harrison St, North Berkeley

Pay in advance: $15

Drop-in rate: $20

Please choose family/friend option when registering through PayPal! Thank you. 

Creative Visioning is a synergy of art therapy, spiritual counseling, and transformational coaching. Whether it is a shift in your career, a new opening in your love life, or a project that you are ready to manifest, Creative Visioning can support you with your goals. Using the power of creativity, the depth of spiritual counseling, and the magic of transformational coaching, you will be left with clarity, inspiration, and motivation to make your dreams a reality.

Creative Visioning Group


 Connect with your heart's desires

and keep your visions alive! 


What you can expect:


- Clarify and explore your hopes and dreams.

- Deepen self-awareness and gain insight. 

- Create movement towards achieving your goals and aspirations.

- Cultivate new practices that bring fulfillment and self-acceptance.



Cost: $490 which includes 6 group sessions and 4 individual coaching sessions.


Currently accepting participants to beta-test this group.

Please contact Sylvia to find out more! The groups location and time will be determined by the needs of the participants. 


Contact Sylvia for a FREE 20 minute

consultation to learn more about whether this group is right for you.

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