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Sacred Collage Archetype Exploration 

Mondays in October: A 4-week Series













Our imagination can probe the heights of Spirit and the depths of Soul, traveling often on the wings of vivid images. 

-Seena Frost


Inspired by the intuitive collage process of Soul Collage created by Seena Frost and by the psychology of Carl Jung, this series will explore inner archetypes present in each of us. We can bring life to these archetypes by creating Soul Collage cards in their honor. Each group will begin with a meditation invoking the presence of the archetype being explored. This will be followed by art-making and image dialoguing to allow for deeper connection with the created image. 

This four week series will involve exploring the following archetypes: 

Oct 2- The Wise Old Man/Woman

Oct 9- The Inner Child

Oct 16- The Wild One

Oct 23- The Visionary

*scheduling details are subject to change


This will be a closed group requiring a four week commitment, allowing a safe and nurturing space to be created. Although this group is not intended to be a therapy group, bringing archetypes to the surface and dialoguing with them can be a healing and transformative experience. Therapeutic support will be available if needed. The group will be organized and facilitated by Sylvia Hartowicz, an art therapist and spiritual seeker who has used the collage modality in her personal exploration, as well as in her work with others, for many years. 









Mondays in October

6:45pm-9:15pm in North Berkeley

The Wise Old Man/Woman

The Inner Child

The Wild One

The Visionary

Full Series: $125

Register by Sept. 15th

for a 10% discount


Location: Home Healing Studio, 702b Harrison Street in North Berkeley

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