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Spiritual Counseling 


Love says, 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing.' Between these two my life flows.                                                                                                    - Sri Nisargadatta


We are spiritual beings living this human life, and the identities we have acquired are fluid, like a river. In each moment we have the opportunity to choose to live from a place of authenticity and essence, and open to all the endless possibilities available to us. At the same time, as human beings, we live in realities constructed by our histories and by society that may leave us feeling stuck in repetitive patterns. 


A spiritual orientation to counseling focuses on helping the client connect with their true purpose so that they are living a life that is fulfilling in the deepest sense. Sessions focus on uncovering inhibiting patterns and creating new stories aligned with living in connection with the authentic self. Clients are supported in suspending judgment and fear so that new realities of love and abundance can be created.  As a result, the interconnectedness of all life becomes apparent and trust in the universe deepens. In addition, spiritual counseling supports living in alignment with the rhythms  of nature, and opening our hearts to more compassion for humanity and for the earth. 


Sylvia Hartowicz, PhDc, has a Certificate in Spiritual Counseling from the East West Psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is currently a doctorate student. Aside from teaching spiritual counseling skills, the program has provided a deepened understanding of contemplative psychology, depth psychology, mindfulness and other eastern practices in therapy, ancestral medicine, and the use of ritual and nature-based practices for healing.   



Email or call 971-255-3411 for a free consultation. 

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