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Creative Visioning:

New Moon Intentions

The Creative Visioning Process

Find Presence and Connection 

With the use of various experientials, such as breathing exercises, movement or mindfulness meditation, or “being with” exercises, each session starts with an opportunity to ground and find connection with the experience of presence. 


Enter into the Depths 

Through practices such as guided visualization and active imagination, participants delve deeper into the realm of the imagination to connect with unconscious levels of their being.


Engage in Intuitive Art-making 

Creative art-making processes allow participants to enter into an even deeper inquiry of self-discovery. As an extension of the soul, creative expression allows for more understanding of one's needs and desires, and the avenues for achieving goals. 


Reflect with Integrative Journaling 

Writing for integration provides new insights and guidance. Visions and actions to make them a reality are clarified. 

Choose an Action/ Next Step: 

At the end of each session participants are asked: What real life action can you take today/ this week to integrate/keep alive the vision you have created? 


Be Witnessed and Share your Vision with Others 

In sharing intentions with others, participants become more confident and honor their goals by having more integrity and accountability in creating the life that they want. 

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